Before falling truly and madly in love ask each other 10 pertinent questions…they could be the blueprint for your future
Author : Sarah Wells    -   Subject : Relationships

    You've just met someone and instantly you've clicked - the chemistry unbelievable - you want to spend the rest of your life with this person! Life never looked better! But wait a minute...what do you really know and understand about this gorgeous, wo.....more.....

 Breaking Through
Author : Véronique Vienne    -   Subject : Relationships

    Young people and I spoke different languages—until I learned the rules of engagement by Véronique Vienne Oh, thank you, sweetie," I told the young woman who handed me a glove I had dropped on the sidewalk. "How nice of you." Without breaking he.....more.....

 Twelve Ways to Find a New Love
Author : Tom Blake    -   Subject : Relationships

    You've decided to date again, but you’re rusty. You’re told the traditional ways of finding love don’t work. What should you do? 1. Sitting at home doesn’t hack it. Get out and about. Where to go? Anywhere! Just commit to getting out. 2. Seize .....more.....

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