Twelve Ways to Find a New Love
Author : Tom Blake    -   Subject : Relationships

    You've decided to date again, but you’re rusty. You’re told the traditional ways of finding love don’t work. What should you do?

    1. Sitting at home doesn’t hack it. Get out and about. Where to go? Anywhere! Just commit to getting out.

    2. Seize every opportunity. Always carry "name cards" printed with your telephone number. Hand them out to dating prospects, anywhere you see them. Make eye contact, and mention you’d like to hear from them.

    3. Network relentlessly. Networking is the most effective date-finding tool. Ask your friends and acquaintances if they know of someone nice for you. Have them ask their friends.

    4. Let him call you. If he says, “Call me,” don’t. His fingers are as capable as yours at dialing. If he’s interested and has your number, he’ll call.

    5. Think creatively. Single men go to singles dances, but so do ten zillion women. You’d be better off at a large home improvement store where lots of men wander the aisles. With a straight face and a smile, ask a single-looking guy something like, “Is this a left-handed screwdriver?”Computer stores and sporting goods outlets also have favorable men-to-women ratios. Avoid hanging out around race car crews, however; the men are too fast.

    6. Single men golf. Take up the game. Start off at a driving range. If a man offers golf pointers, accept them graciously and give him your "name card." If he’s married, ask him to introduce you to his single friends (networking!). Improve your game as soon as possible so you can advance to the golf course.

    7. Attend youth sports games on Saturday mornings. You’ll find divorced dads and widower grandpas there. Blend in along the sidelines. Say something like, “Your grandson played well.” Present your “name card”

    8. Learn to use a computer. Millions of singles meet on the Internet, reaching out to each other all over America. For all of the Internet horror stories, there are many successes.

    9. Exercise daily. Not only does exercise help you look and feel better, but it puts you out among people. Join or start a coed walking or jogging group. Join a health club where tons of single guys pump iron. Ask, “Am I lifting this barbell properly?” Just don’t drop it on your foot.

    10. Travel. The train is best for meeting other singles, since you can move around and don’t have to wear a seat belt. Start a conversation by asking, “Did you see that cow back there?” Or some other meaningful question. Hook up at meals by asking a single gentleman in the dining car if you may join him.

    11. Single men like sandwich shops and car washes. Comment on their roast beef or their car. You’ll get a conversation going.

    12. Trust your instincts. If you have a bad “gut-feeling” about a man, you’re probably right. Avoid him.

    By thinking creatively, acting friendly and taking the initiative, you’ll improve your chances of meeting men. Remember, dating is a numbers game: number four might be your guy, or he might be number 26. Don’t give up, and most of all, have fun.

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