May, 2007 will soon be launching an extended network at This will be a similar community connected with us here, but geared toward expanding our community into other related areas and increasing our exposure!

February, 2007
We are happy to announce that we'll make making some great new additions to the site in the coming months. First will be the long-awaited launch of - a site very similar to this one, but with topics and forums geared specifically for a more male audience. We'll also be adding lots of new features to both sites - including free member blogs, photo galleries, a friend network, games, and much more!

April, 2006
The site is growing and we are continuing to get more visitors - this month we had over 200,000 visitors! We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support!

December, 2005
We'd like to announce that is now extending advertising space to the public beginning December 1st, 2005. Please feel free to read through our available advertising solutions and rates - or get in touch with us if you have any additional questions.

November, 2005
Thanks to our avid users and their generous time in providing suggestions for the future path of the discussion forums. As a result we've added some new forum categories and topics as well as archived many messages that have been hanging around for awhile. We are excited for continued interest in the forums and urge all our new visitors to join up (it's free!) and join in our lively discussions. We hope to see you in there soon!

October, 2005
Again, we are pleased to report that the site received around 750,000 page views during the month of October! We are continually increasing our group of visitors - to date around 180,000 each month. Hang in there with us and watch for coming updates and additions!

July, 2005
We are pleased to report that the site received 250,000 page views during the month of July! These page views came from approximately 80,000 visitors during the month. Thank you all for the continued interest and participation at the site and be assured that new features and content updates are on the way!

January 5, 2005
We hope that everyone who enjoys our online community has a healthy and wonderful new year in 2005! We are planning some exciting new additions to and hope to continue making our site a more information-rich, useful, and fun site for everyone to enjoy. As always, we appreciate your suggestions and your active role on the site!

October 1, 2004
We have just created and launched our new CoolGrandma eCards!. They are a fun way to send messages to friends and we have accumulated some beautiful photos that we think you and your friends will enjoy. Send a CoolGrandma eCard to your friend today!

August 25, 2004
We are happy to announce a new partner at, Liberty Medical! They offer a wide range of diabetic products and are truly an industry leader in their field. We are proud to endorse a reputable organization like them and welcome them to our community!

April 22, 2004
We have upgraded the Site Directory with an even more comprehensive listing of sites for you to browse and search through. Check it out!

January 7, 2004
Thanks to ABC Channel 7 in San Francisco for making us their Site of the Day! The channel, covering San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose was featured by Michael Finney on his daily show. Thanks to ABC and welcome to all our San Francisco visitors!

November 20, 2003
We're happy to announce a developing partnership with and an organization serving many of the nation's retiree communities and groups. Such organizations will bring our community additional financial, travel, and health resources in addition to helping us grow our community!

October 7, 2003 featured on the UK television special, "Empowered Seniors of Tommorrow"! The special featured the Online Community and resources as an example of a site dedicated to growing, learning, interacting, and having fun. We hope to continue our mission with your help!

August 15, 2003
We're happy to announce the launch of our new Discussion Forums! These forums will allow visitors to our website to interact, converse, and keep in touch about a wide variety of topics. This new feature will no doubt allow many people in our community to meet one another and share their views!

March 08, 2003
KHOU TV Channel 11, "The Spirit of Texas" features as their site of the day! Thank you KHOU and welcome to all our Texas visitors!

January 15, 2003 is featured by Bay News 9 - a 24 hour News Channel in San Francisco. They have also included us as a featured "Senior Site" on their website. Thank you and welcome to our San Francisco visitors!

January 8, 2003 is featured on Fox TV as their site of the day in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks for the feature and welcome to all our Utah visitors!

November 22, 2002 receives it's 500,000th visitor today! Thanks for all the visits and feedback to our community! We are actively working on more features to our site, more site listings, and much more. Your input, suggestions, and comments are always appreciated!

August 18, 2002
Thanks to for featuring us on their site and including us in their fun and growing website!

July 25, 2002 is featured on ABC TV in New York City as their "site of the week" right before "Good Morning America". We want to thank ABC TV for all of their kind words and their decision to share our site with their viewers!

July 19, 2002 was featured today on a popular radio show in Australia. Thanks to ABC Radio and welcome to all their listeners!

June 28, 2002 is featured on the front page of USA Today's Tech section. Our online community is listed as a weekly "Hot Site" and is praised for our vision of dispelling senior stereotypes.....To all our USA Today visitors - welcome!

April 23, 2002 begins a more focused online positioning program to spread the word and increase traffic to our community! An alliance with Yahoo! has been created in addition to some of the more popular senior websites around the web. And look for our upcoming feature in Senior Life Magazine!

January 29, 2002 is proud to announce the first 50,000 visits to our website in the month of January! We are receiving lots of great feedback and submissions for articles, sites, and tutorials! As our community grows, we will continue to add additional features to the site. Our next addition: CoolGrandma Radio - listen to music as you surf our website!

January 1, 2002
The website is launched! We are proud to officially launch our new website and to begin building our online community. As we begin growing our online resources through user submissions and internal development, we are hopeful that our website will attract increasing members due to the value and quality of the entire website. Please join us on our journey and become a part of the "coolest" place for seniors to be online!

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