Thank you for visiting CoolGrandma.com! We are excited for you to enjoy the resources we have put together for you here on our website. Our mission is to empower the online senior community and have fun doing it! We created this site because we feel that the online-senior has been seemingly forgotten amidst the vast array of sites on the Internet. Even the senior sites that exist today seem to treat seniors in a different light - as a slower, less intelligent group of people that require special needs. At CoolGrandma.com our wish is to develop a place that serves the modern techno-savvy senior and those who enjoy cutting-edge graphics, content, humor, and thought-provoking subjects.

With your help, we can create our own community - one that empowers all of us and that disregards society's stereotypes of how older people think and act. As you browse around the site, please let us know what you think, what you would like, and any other comments you may have. After all, that's why we created this site - a site for seniors, built by seniors!

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Our Goal
We envision CoolGrandma.com evolving into a very useful tool for a wide group of users - from young grandparents to baby boomers and seniors - even grandkids! Our hope is for the site to empower those who have a thirst for information and are inspired by the boundless limits of the web. Our work on this site will be a reflection of your visions. As we continue this journey - your input, suggestions, and feedback will focus our efforts.

Seniors Unite!
The quickest way for us to develop CoolGrandma.com is for you to give us feedback and to build our network of online friends! Please click the below link to send a brief message to your friend about CoolGrandma.com - just enter your name and your friend's email address!

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