Top 5 Reasons To Go Wireless
Author : Jonathan Smith    -   Subject : Internet

    Wireless networking is 1 of the greatest new computer technologies in terms of convenience. If you're weighing the pros and cons of wireless before taking the leap, here are 5 to put in the "pro" column.

    #1: No More Wires Of all the reasons to switch your network to wireless, this is perhaps the most important. Wires are inconvenient, expensive, dangerous, and downright ugly. No more wires across the floor improves the safety of your home, since it's easy to trip over exposed wires. The average Ethernet wire doesn't cost much per foot, but it adds up quickly. To run wires between rooms or floors, you have to knock holes in the walls, which might not even be an option for renters. Plus when you move you don't have the mess of disconnecting all the wires only to re-connect them at the other end. Nor do you have to examine every wire for damage if your internet connection goes down.

    #2: Internet Access For All Wireless networking gives you a cheap, easy way to share 1 internet connection among multiple computers. You can add new computers to your network simply by plugging in a wireless card and switching them on -- they get an internet connection immediately!

    #3: Share Files And Printers A wireless network gives you access to your files wherever you are, and makes it easy to synchronize the data of a laptop and a desktop computer. It's much easier to send files between computers with a wireless network than by email, or CD. Plus, with the printer connected, you can also write things wherever you happen to be, press print, and go collect them from a printer connected to another computer. Printers plugged into 1 of the network's computers are shared by all the computers automatically.

    #4: Always ON Broadband revolutionized networking with internet connections being continuously connected -- no need to dial in every time. Wireless networking lets network connections be always-on, so any of your computers can connect to the internet whenever you want. Take laptops from room to room or out on the deck -- they'll have an internet connection. Plus, there's no need for excessive password entry.

    #5: Freedom! With wireless networking, you can even take your computer wherever the signal reaches. Going wireless is much like the switching from the old fashioned wall-mounted telephone to a cellular phone. The freedom is exhilarating.

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