A Knack for Knitting
Author : Kevin Miller    -   Subject : Hobbies and Crafts

    Valida Wall of Lethbridge, Alberta always has some sort of knitting or crocheting project on the go. Whether it’s a new sweater for one of her grandchildren or an afghan for a friend, she likes to keep her needles clicking. Then one day Valida discovered a way to turn her hobby into a ministry. That opened up an entirely new venue for her handiwork.

    It all started last year when Valida learned that the local Birthright centre, an international, pro-life ministry that provides counseling and support to women who are distressed by an unplanned pregnancy, was in need of volunteers who could knit afghans, sweaters, bonnets and other items for newborn babies. Getting together with some ladies from her church, Valida set to work.

    As time went on, Valida started doing projects on her own as well. Since she started, Valida has knit or crocheted over twenty items, all of which will be given to unwed mothers who have recently given birth. Although Valida has never met any of the mothers to whom her gifts have been given, it still makes her feel good to know that God can use her abilities to help others.

    “God gave me the gift, so I wanted to use it for him,” Valida says. “I don’t condone what the girls have done, but girls make mistakes. At least they’re choosing to keep their babies or give them up for adoption rather than abort them. I think it’s important to support them any way we can.”

    Although Birthright is always looking for such donations, Valida is quick to point out that Birthright isn’t the only place that needs help. Hospitals and other community services also require such items. “The need is great, so if you have the gift or talent to do something like that, use it,” Valida says. “It’s a very rewarding thing. I enjoy knitting and crocheting anyway, and if I can do it for something like this, it makes it all the better.”

    To learn more about how you can provide knitted or crocheted items to Birthright, please call #1-800-550-4900 or
    e-mail info@birthright.org to find the centre nearest you.

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