Make Sensuality an Out-of-Body Experience
Author : Bonnie Bernell    -   Subject : Beauty and Style

    All healthy babies come into the world seeking and enjoying pleasure -- a yearning for the sensual is natural. Unfortunately, many of us learn later in life to ignore what we feel and sense. For women, this oftentimes is tied to the number on a scale. Many women believe they must ďweightĒ until they are good enough, right enough and thin enough to be sexy and sensual. It isn't so!

    At every moment, our bodies are experiencing sensual stimulation. Sensuality is when you:
    Deliberately savor the taste of every food and drink.
    Actively explore the aroma of whatever you encounter.
    Touch all sorts of things, noting the textures and temperature of each.
    Listen for even the softest, unnoticed sounds. This may require you to be still for some moments.
    See life as if you were an artist. Appreciate light, dark, color, shape and illusion. Look at the spaces between leaves and find patterns. What do you see that you didnít see before?
    Embrace love. At times we say we want a relationship, but then do everything we can to avoid one.
    While the sensual is all around us, many of us have a set of rules about how we should act that tell us to neglect our sensual selves. Can you think such rules of your own right now? The length of the list might surprise you.

    Here are some of my old rules: Donít wear sexy underwear. Donít flirt. Donít see your curvy, soft body as delicious. Donít notice attractive people. Donít sing out loud. Donít be noisy, messy or too alluring. And whatever you do, donít let them see you naked.

    You made up these rules to begin with, however, and you can certainly replace them with new ones. Here are some of my current rules: Always get your feet rubbed. Flirt whenever and wherever you feel like. Sing out loud. Move around, jump up and down, hop and skip. Be big and flashy and seductive. Light some candles, put on romantic music and dance. Luxuriate in bath water. Treat yourself to a massage. Be lusty, voluptuous and naked.

    Sensuality is a way of life based of choices we make each day. We need to tune into our sensual experiences by enjoying our surroundings, our loved ones and our bodies.

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