Cleopatra's Secret
Author : Sarah Van Sicklen    -   Subject : Beauty and Style

    Ever since the ancient era of the Queen of the Nile, women have known the relaxing, softening power of milk on the skin. It only took a few thousand years for cosmetic companies to incorporate these properties into products we can use today. Cosmetic brands are stirring the power of milk into products that moisturize, exfoliate and improve the general well-being of your skin.

    Does a Body Good
    Almay's Milk Plus line includes two facial lotions, two cleanser-toners, a night cream and an eye cream -- all using the power of calcium, milk proteins and milk lipids. What do these milk-fed ingredients do for you? All products in the milk line include amino acids and minerals to aid water retention in your skin, but each product also has one or more of the following -- vitamins A, C, E, buttermilk, whole cream, salicylic acid, collagen, green tea, chamomile or aloe -- to address your skin's special needs.

    Galaxy Quest
    Also quenching the body's thirst for milk is Sephora's body care line dubbed the Milky Way. This body lotion penetrates the top layers of skin to normalize dry patches, soothe parched skin and reverse photo-damage. Milky Way body lotions are available in 18 flavors ranging from lavender to magnolia.

    Back to the Bath
    Caswell-Massey goes the retro route with Old Fashioned Body Milk, formulated with aloe, glycerine, arnica, althea and sambucus -- all skin conditioning agents. The Milk Soap uses beta-hydroxy agents to further soften skin. Next in the line of milk byproducts is Old Fashioned Milk Shampoo created with the help of vitamin E and jojoba oil to add shine to locks and maintain a healthy scalp.

    - - - - -

    Pamper yourself: Feeling renewed and revitalized, both physically and emotionally, is our birthright.

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