Microdermabrasion : How It Works
Author : Jennifer Drake    -   Subject : Beauty and Style

    How would you like to turn the clock back by 10 years? May be even 15 years? And No, I am not kidding for thatís exactly what microdermabrasion can do for you. Yeah, turn the clock back in your favour! If you saw a small attractive home microdermabra.....more.....

 Make Sensuality an Out-of-Body Experience
Author : Bonnie Bernell    -   Subject : Beauty and Style

    All healthy babies come into the world seeking and enjoying pleasure -- a yearning for the sensual is natural. Unfortunately, many of us learn later in life to ignore what we feel and sense. For women, this oftentimes is tied to the number on a scale.....more.....

 Cleopatra's Secret
Author : Sarah Van Sicklen    -   Subject : Beauty and Style

    Ever since the ancient era of the Queen of the Nile, women have known the relaxing, softening power of milk on the skin. It only took a few thousand years for cosmetic companies to incorporate these properties into products we can use today. Cosmetic.....more.....

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